Palfrey Lake Lodge offers you a variety of accommodations. The buildings adjacent to the main lodge houses rooms for guests who choose the room and board package.

Housekeeping Units

Guests who prefer to stay in housekeeping cabins, can choose from one of five individual cabins. They are all equipped with stove, fridge, bathroom with shower and tub, and an ice chest.

Bear houses a maximum of 12 people, and has 3 bathrooms with shower & tub, 2 stoves, fridge, and 2 large ice chests.

Deer houses a maximum of 4 people, and has a bathroom with shower, stove, fridge, and an ice chest.

Bobcat, Fisher, Moose and Coyote each house a maximum of 6 people, and have a bathroom with shower & tub, stove, fridge, and an ice chest..

There is no electricity. The lights, fridge and stove are all run on propane. Ice is available at the lodge.