Outdoor Recreation

'Palfrey Lake Lodge is the place for nature lovers and relaxation.' - Joy Nowlan, St. Anne, New Brunswick

Outdoor enthusiasts have uncountable recreation opportunities at Palfrey Lake Lodge. One of the most popular outdoor activities at the Chiputneticook lakes is canoeing. You can enjoy untouched nature, loons with their unforgettable calls, bald eagles and ospreys hunting for fish, moose wading through shallow water and deer grazing along the shorelines.

For longer canoe trips, the Lodge is the ideal starting point. You can camp at beautifully prepared campgrounds on islands free of charge. They operate on a first come, first serve basis and generally have room for two to four camping parties. At Spednic Lake you can stop or camp at the Provincial Park. Further down, you will meet the dam between St. Croix (CAN) and Vanceboro (US), over which Spednic Lake drains into the St. Croix River.

The St. Crois River is one of the nicest canoeing rivers in New Brunswick. It offers both stretches of white water and calm water. It is suitable for canoeists of all experience levels. Here at the Lodge, we can arrange canoe rentals for the St. Croix, since it does not allow their own canoes down the river.

The water at Palfrey Lake can reach temperatures of 25°C (77°F). For guests who prefer staying on land, the area offers miles of gravel roads and trails to hike along. Wildlife and bird watchers will have plenty of opportunites to watch many different animals.

You are welcome to bring your own all terrain vehicles and explore the area around Palfrey Lake.

In the evening, enjoy a cold drink in front of a campfire or throw a game of horse shoes. Make sure you bring appropriate clothing with you. Below is a list of the average highs and lows throughout the year.

Month Min°F Max°F Min°C Max°C
January 5 25 -15 -4
February 7 27 -14 -3
March 18 37 -8 3
April 30 48 -1 9
May 39 63 4 17
June 50 73 10 23
July 55 79 14 26
August 54 77 12 25
September 45 68 7 20
October 36 55 2 13
November 27 43 -3 6
December 12 28 -11 -2